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The program that will
have you

You too can finally
find out how to

Do you want to find out how to quit smoking without wasting your time, your money and discover directly the easier way to do so?

Have you considered kicking the smoking habit a few times and never figured out how? Never gained enough momentum and confidence to try?

Have you even tried and failed?

Did you end up giving up on the idea of being a non smoker, or have you not considered quitting yet?
I want you/that part of you to know that it is possible to stop smoking more easily, and that you should never give up on your right to be a non smoker.

Read on, you are one step away from finding out how.
  As a quit cigarette specialist, successfully using my NLP practitioner skills, hypnosis, and other techniques, with a system that claims over 95% success rate across hundreds of patients, with many testimonials to back it up–plus having tried and researched many more methods – I have been able to help various clients with their habit. This is why doctors refer patients for what I do, especially for the ones who want to avoid their customers to take potentially dangerous chemicals.

I know some of you are depressed by grim statistics showing that a majority of people do not successfully manage to quit, but it is because they were not given the skills and the power to do it easily, which you now have a chance to do. It says that you have an 88% chance to be back in full time smoking just by having the one cigarette after you quit. And that for the average person it takes up to 8 attempts before being finally free from cigarettes.

I know you can quit much more easily than what most think. I had clients over 60 that smoked since they were teenagers that stopped in one session only. They never thought they could, yet they did, and so will you. Imagine how easy it will be for you if they managed to do it easily too. Close your eyes for a second and think about all the rewards you can have, and feel how proud and happy you are once this nightmare is finally over, plus all the nasty consequences you will avoid: waste money and ruin your health.

And believe me, as a specialist that has seen a large number of patients I know that some people may have some things holding them back. The investment, fear of gaining weight, fear of not being able to concentrate, fear of being tempted in social occasions, fear of cravings, of stress, etc. All these things will be dealt with so you can focus on enjoying your new life as a fresh air breathing person and so they do not stop you any longer.

Those fears and some other excuses are the reason why some statistics show that 70% of smokers want to quit (at least unconsciously or once in a while), and a vast majority know smoking is bad for them. But they don’t. Is there any way to change that?
Find out the safer and easier ways to quickly and efficiently get rid of cigarettes, FOREVER, and NOW...

No Patches, No Pills, No dangerous Chemicals and Drugs, No Needles, No Pain.

Discover the secrets that will set you free! Make all the reasons that lead you to believe it is hard disappear like magic, and effortlessly find the non smoker you again."

A fast and easy method to stop smoking and get rid of tobacco addiction

Become a happy healthy non smoker in 7 days” will operate in five major proven steps that will get you to make your decision and thus become a non smoker again.

Although I suggest 7 days the whole process can happen in a short few hours in one chunk if you prefer.


Open your mind to the possibility of being free from an unhealthy habit: unveil the secrets and the reasons why it may have felt so hard, and how you can reprogram yourself and your thought patterns.
Find the motivation: discover your suitable and specific reasons, deal with any specific barriers you may have so your commitment level increases dramatically and gives you the necessary incentive to proceed
When you are now ready and excited to quit: when this is what you decide to do, the final section of the book will provide a full set of special tools, methods and tips, plus practical information to make the process easier and more successful.

The book can be enough for people to quit. I have added two components that I find very powerful and that will enable you to make it even easier. A lot of the cigarettes you smoked because of triggers or unconscious reasons, and out of habit. This is where steps 4 and 5 will help further so you are completely aligned, both consciously, and unconsciously for the non smoker habits to take place smoothly and automatically.

The audio that you will be able to listen to with the program uses hypnosis and other methods. Hypnosis for instance is a method used by some successful specialists and psychologists worldwide, including some doctors and dentists. So once you have made up your mind and you decided to quit, you will be able to deal easily with all the cigarettes you mechanically have and that form the major part of the habit, to deal with your triggers (coffee, parties, stress, etc.), and, if necessary and in some cases with your fears and excuses that prevent you from being free.
We will also have a support system to make sure you have the best chances and that you become and remain a happy healthy non smoker. Including additional surprises not listed in the bonuses for the ones who start the process today. I found similar products than the first unannounced bonus valued at $47.

And again, the efficiency of these steps has been confirmed. I have many testimonials from happy clients and I like to collect them.

Remember many people have done it before you and that it is not that hard.

Who should and must use my program?

Don't by anything until you have read my book!

If you want to quit smoking, this program will save you time, effort, and money. More importantly, it will dramatically increase your chances of success when dealing with a cigarette habit.

Whenever you want to quit (or want to open your mind to the idea and figure out if you can or not), and definitely before you attempt to quit or purchase any quitting program or products; do yourself a favor and for a tiny investment avoid a lot of research, failures, and wasted expenditure, and increase your chances for a successful, shorter and pleasant path to becoming a happy healthy non-smoker for life.

Save time, effort, and money; quit smoking quicker and easier.

As you are sitting reading this page, you know that you need to take action, and start to feel how great it is to again be the person you once were; happy, healthy, able to see the future with confidence with health, vitality, more money in your pocket, looking better and proud of yourself, able to lead by example. Picture all the great results and things you will get by easily becoming a non smoker, remember how good it feels to be healthy and how reading my book and listening to the audio was the best decision you ever made.

And you know that if you do not take action you may find yourself in the same position still puffing away until the day where you will say “I wish I had made that very simple decision back in the day I saw that opportunity to become free. You do not want to endure more time feeling controlled, unhappy, unhealthy, lacking energy the upside is huge for a tiny risk free trial.

You will find in that highly regarded book easy to follow instructions that relieve worries. Even if you do not want to quit, it's well worth reading so you can make an informed decision. Maybe after you read this ebook, you'll change your mind!

No, the program is not boring to death and quitting smoking can be a bit of fun as well
No, you will not hear what every one else knows already and I will not say 1000 times that you will drop dead tomorrow morning if you don't stop today

No you should not have abnormal hunger, no you will not feel like you are losing a friend (would you in normal life ever tolerate a friend who's trying to kill you anyway?), no you generally do not have less will-power than other smokers and with these methods you will usually find it easier than expected anyway, no you will not experience any unnecessary stress (I will explain how this could actually be the opposite).

Yes, my book uses a very particular style with a young and provocative language and will be enjoyed by most age groups and types of smokers. For the audio it will be very standard and in a tone suitable for all ages and categories of people.

Yes, I have cut it to the chase and only kept what is useful to get the outcome. It will not be boring or difficult and it will be very short.

Yes, I am a bit rough on the edges but I do not waste your time and I say things as they are not as you want to hear them: like someone who cares.

  WARNING: if you do not want to quit and you are just curious the book might help you, but the only way you will actually quit easily is when you WANT and TAKE ACTION. Anyone else telling you otherwise may not have your best interest at hearth. Now, sometimes people actually want but it is not enough, the program will help with that.

If you want even more details, read on. If you have seen enough like most people that want to do something about it click on the link below to take your first important urgent step to be a non smoker. All the rest will be fast and simple and you have nothing to lose, you will just need to spend a few enjoyable minutes going through the fast and easy steps of the program and it may save you.


Is it possible to stop smoking just like that?
I certainly think so if this is what you want, but because I know a few of you still do not believe me, I will let my clients do the hard work for me

"Your book is the friend I needed to help me become a non-smoker. I have tried to quit so many times and failed. Finally, your book gave me the inspiration and support to take my life back from a filthy destructive habit. The book talked to me like a sensible, caring friend which made such a difference. I am a happier, healthier human being today and I cannot thank you enough." Kavita M – Jakarta.

I found it necessary to gain assistance to break the habit of smoking. I have no doubts with the aid of hypnotherapy and the information given to me by Fabrice I have achieved my goal.
J. Sandher – Sydney

I can get on with living, breathing fresh air, exercise, spend more time with my family, undertake more activities, not have the social stigma of being a smoker.

“These days… most of the time I'm forgetting about smoking... I do not feel any cravings... and I'm totally ok with that…now I have strong mind… cigarette is bad for me….I know that even one puff will not taste nice anyway. I'm a non-smoker...for over 3 weeks now. Thank you very much for your help,… when I see other smokers but I do not feel anything about that and it does not make me want to smoke. I'm very happy with who I am now, as a non-smoker. I still eat same food, same amount of food, do not chew gums and not take extra mints or sweets or anything… I've just noticed that I tend to wake up in before my alarm goes off quite often..." Riona K – Japan

“I now breathe fresh air for the rest of my life”
B Byron

IT was quick, simple and painless. Lee Alexander-Australia

“Feeeling empowered and confident that I am non smoker”
J. Spendlove – Australia

“I feel great for not smoking, clean and fresh”
J Anason

“I was sick and tired of feeling the need to smoke”
C Roman



  "I will make you understand why
you smoke, what you
are feeling and why,
and what are the easy things to do to go ahead and be
smoke free again.

I will even deliver the main things that I have seen working really well for others, but at a fraction of the cost.”

Here are some of the things that will help you and that you will find in the book, audios, and elements that come with it:
Why did you start and why do you still smoke? The ugly truth and secrets they did not want you to know: understand how it works and break big mental blocks
Concrete steps, tips and methods to quit successfully and easily
How the entrapment works: finally some concrete steps available to you to get out of it: set the base to achieve psychological freedom.
Fool proof step by step concrete action plan including customizable tools and material to make you successful
The permanent conflict in a smoker’s mind and how to stop it
Dealing with withdrawal symptoms: and how to avoid cravings
Cold turkey vs the rest: if you are reading to help a smoker: the support methods available. Are they useful, and if so which one is right for what person?
How to beat nicotine
Deal with the habit and the cigarettes you smoke automatically and unconsciously with an audio using recognized powerful techniques, including hypnosis.
Weight gain: the things you need to know so this is not a worry
Benefit at a fraction of the cost from some of the techniques that I use in my practice and that people pay me $495 for a session
Boost your willpower
Answers to the most frequently asked questions: the link to alcohol, should I cut down or quit it all, etc.
How to avoid relapsing: some statistics show that 88% start again with just the one
Are there better ways to achieve what you want: relieve stress, relax, etc.
How to find your reasons - the motivation to quit
Find and set your best timings    
How can I get my hands on this before it runs out?

You can own this copy in a matter of seconds, for both MAC and PC users. Imagine being able in a few days to breathe fresh air for the rest of your life, and not have to worry about cigarettes and your health any more. Imagine the things you will now be able to afford and that will make you happy with all that money you will save.

Now I know I charge $495 for my clients (and even that is cheap given what I do for them and what they achieve). I know that what I will give you will probably save you thousands of dollars per year if you smoke a pack a day or so and quit. Let's even pretend that you would not quit for some reason, you will still save hours and hundreds of dollars in research and useless attempts. I could have charged more and most people when I did a survey were ready to pay much more, but I want to get as many of these out to the market quickly as I know you will send friends and family.

However, I want you to not lose the momentum as we both know if you do not click now, tomorrow your mind will be on to something else and it may be too late by the time you think about quitting again. Most people who do not make the commitment here and now will end up not doing anything, and I have enough experience to know that your chance is now and only now. So, I will make this very easy: the full program including the book and the hypnosis audio is an affordable one time only investment of $97, if you take it right now. You will find some audios alone for that price and higher, or books alone for up to $79. The price will go up dramatically in a short while. And this includes all of the above like the customizable action plan and access to some of my secrets. I cannot see everyone and thousands of people face to face so this program is a great compromise for both of us.

You will need audio files reader and Acrobat Reader, which most PC have as standard. All the components of the program will come to you as direct and immediate downloads.

I really want you to not have one single excuse to continue to smoke

When you pick up a copy of my Quit Smoking Package today, in addition to getting this price before I change it, I'm going to add exclusive bonuses, to reward the ones that take action immediately as you are the type of person that I want to help most:

Membership to the exclusive Happy healthy non smoker Club – Valued at $89 Yours free TODAY

You will receive support emails from me and free content from other specialists to support you in the first few weeks and make this even easier. With valuable additional concrete tips and information to keep you focused and make the quit even easier. Plus access to the FAQ and some letters on topics that come back most often from members, plus if you order today direct answer to up to 2 questions by a specialist.

$150 Voucher!! Do you like very personal support and believe you are a desperate case and need the extra comfort and results of a tailored made program? Or you want to make a gift to someone who is about to quit?

Just to give you confidence you can get access to the heavy artillery if you need to: get 3*$50, yes 3, discount vouchers for a $495 customized session with myself (to be used within 4 weeks of the purchase of the book, 3 vouchers per purchase and/or person only, in AUD$. That means that anyone who wants to have a face to face session actually makes a saving by buying this program first and gets to see the quality of what I do before making a bigger commitment). This will be pulled out very shortly. There may be cases or time zones that are excluded at my complete discretion, and I reserve the right and may decide to not honor these vouchers without notice. This offer will be removed very shortly as well. You will need to contact me for the coaching sessions and bear communications costs if any. This may via an audio or CD shipped to you. A questionnaire will have to be filled in first. Face to face can only happen in cities where I will be at the time, and even then at my discretion to do remotely or at my office.

I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. I am so confident that you will never want to let this book and audio go that I will give you a 100% 60 days guarantee.

I am sure that this package will make a difference to you. I am sure that I will not need to buy it back from you ever and that you will hold on to it tightly like a precious discovery.

So sure that I will give you my 100% Genuine and Bullet Proof 60 days money back guarantee.

100% 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

If 60 days after downloading my program you do not find after reading it and using it, and reading the support material, the information I have promised, and more, simply contact us and we will process your refund. Can it be that easy? Yes, if you think the information you will get is not what you expected it to be and as per my description it will not cost you a cent, send me an email and I'll refund your purchase…

I will even let you keep it.

Your credit card number is NOT being saved or stored anywhere. The order is processed through a 100% secure SSL server.

Your purchase is completely safe, secure and 100% private. Your billing statement will show a generic charge from CLKBANK*COM
Our product is sold though Clickbank is a trusted and large online retailer.

P.S. – I really want you to not miss out on the joys of being a non smoker. I have been there and I know right now some trapped minds are trying to find every possible logical excuse to keep the addiction going. That is ok, no need to worry about the rest of the process and we will address these in time. You only need for right now to just make sure you at least take a first small risk free step and download your copy immediately. I will reward you as well with yet another bonus: two big bonuses: the book “Good Health: Simple Basics that make a huge difference ” so you can make the most of your new non smoker life , and the book “Smokers Detox”. This alone is valued at $58. All yours free so you now have just in bonuses close to $300, more than three times the low $97 you invested (for something that is already worth much more). But this is valid for this offer and time only.

P.P.S. – I know you can, the question is do you have what it takes and will you take action now. I know my package will help and I offer my money back guarantee if it does not deliver what I have promised. Why am I doing all this? You think I am crazy. Well, a little, but, yes there is one catch. You need to read the book, listen to the audio, and follow the suggestions. If it will sit in front of your computer for 20 months it will not be useful to you. Also if you are the kind of person that does not want any improvement in their life, or too scared to take any action in their life, and still have any doubts after I have taken every step to make this a no brainer for you to give this a try, I suggest you do not buy the program. Yes, really, your $97 will not change my life and you are not ready. Feel free to come back when you are ready though.

Secondly, I know smokers are always scared of losing something in their life and I want to help them come out of that limiting behavior that usually translates into unnecessary procrastination and biased skepticism by removing any possible risk and making the value for money so compelling that I can reach as many people as possible. And even for the ones who really do not want to help themselves and do not see the value I am offering, I will give a few hints and tips for free. (click FREE STOP SMOKING LESSONS) if they leave their details, so at least hopefully I can trigger something that will get them to rethink about it all. Whether they use my product or not after that is ok, as long as you somehow eventually become a non smoker, my job is done.

I obviously prefer you buy the product like every person who puts hard work and effort expects a reward. I know it will be useful to you, I need to make a living that is helpful, and I know it will make a difference to you so anything I can do to get it in your hands, I did. Now it is your destiny and I cannot force anyone to be a non smoker, but I sure can make it easier for an affordable price. When I have enough money to retire fully and do all the other projects I have in my heart and mind I will try to develop more free initiatives to help people with their habit. I have already given this program for free for a period of time. For now I did all I could and it is up to you to judge if you want to start your own journey or not.

Last chance to CLICK HERE to download your copy and get your bonuses now!
  So for   ONLY $97    you can get (at the moment only):
  • My Ebook valued at $37
  • Hypnosis and NLP audio valued at $149
  • Gift vouchers for quit smoking session valued at $150
  • Access to the Happy healthy non smoker Club and support program valued at $89, worth much more
  • 2 bonus Ebooks that will help your health valued at $29 each

So today you can get close to $500 of value for $97!
And there will be more unannounced gifts for people who take action NOW.

Copyright 2009 Fabrice Beillard - - All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized duplication or distribution is strictly prohibited.

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